A foodie’s delight

Tasty Chico

Left to right: Kiaya Sabolovic, Kyle Nelson, Sean Woulfe.

Left to right: Kiaya Sabolovic, Kyle Nelson, Sean Woulfe.

Photo by Mason Masis

Sean Woulfe, Kyle Nelson and Kiaya Sabolovic, a trio of self-proclaimed “foodies,” knew Chico had great restaurants. So it shocked each of them to learn that Chico did not have any food tours—a common fixture they’ve found in other cities. Already entrepreneurs and business owners, the three decided their next venture would be Tasty Chico, a food tour company. Tasty Chico’s current tour lasts around two hours and travels to five downtown eateries—from Upper Crust Bakery to Momona—where customers are treated to a taste of a menu item served by the head chef or owner. Each eat-and-greet session generally lasts half an hour, they said. The tour starts at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays, but the group said they are hoping to start evening, weekday and non-downtown tours. Tickets are $50. Last week, they met with the CN&R at Two Twenty Restaurant, one of the tour stops, to discuss their new business. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram or visit tastychico.com or call 433-4399 to learn more about the tour, the restaurants and to buy tickets.

How do you define “foodie”?

Nelson: A person who loves food and knows food.

Woulfe: A foodie especially loves going out to restaurants, spending time at restaurants and trying different things. I hardly go to the same restaurant. My goal is to diversify.

Sabolovic: For me, an additional piece of being a foodie is getting to know the food. I really enjoy when you go to a place and they actually tell you that they have some sort of story. Like the chef here says he goes to the farmers’ market to source his produce. You try to find out as much as you can and try to relate to it in some way other than putting it in your mouth, you know?

What can people expect on the tour?

Woulfe: It kinda transitions. The first stop is sort of breakfast/brunch items, since the tour starts at 10:30 a.m., and then we transition into more lunch as we make our way downtown and then we end on dessert. It creates this kind of early morning to afternoon experience.

Nelson: At each stop you get to try their most unique item that they want to share with you. Right now we are at Two Twenty, and the chef is gonna share something different every time. That’s what is really cool.

How have the restaurants you’re working with responded?

Woulfe: The goal is to also help the businesses and develop that partnership and relationship even deeper. So far, they have been really excited about it.

Sabolovic: There has been a lot of cross promotion already. They are really into promoting the tour, and, of course, the tour is all about them.