A bowl for a bowl

Kellogg’s and Chico State students team up to donate food to North State Food Bank

Incoming Chico State students will have an immediate opportunity to help feed the hungry by feeding themselves.

Through Sept. 21, Kellogg’s Food Away From Home project will donate one bowl of cereal to the North State Food Bank for every bowl of cereal consumed by students in the Sutter Residential Dining Center. An estimated 6,400 bowls of donated cereal are anticipated, according to a Chico State press release.

“It’s really a nominal way for students to get involved,” said David Stephen, the university’s housing and food-service director. “The program is certainly in line with university’s core values and vision.”

The North State Food Bank collects and distributes food from surplus commodities, local vendors and food drives. Kellogg’s donates roughly $20 million annually in products to food banks across the United States.