9/11 conspiracy?

Ten years later, conspiracy theorists persist

Ten years of official explanations have done little to curb conspiracy theories about how the 9/11 tragedy came about. According to a poll conducted last month by research organization Gfk NOP for the latest episode of the BBC’s The Conspiracy Files, 15 percent of Americans (and 14 percent of Brits) still believe that the 9/11 attacks were carried out as part of a U.S.-led conspiracy.

9/11 conspiracy by the numbers

1 in 7
Number of Americans who believe the U.S. carried out and covered up 9/11 attacks

Average age of 9/11 conspiracy believers

Percentage of believers who are male

Number of reasons 9/11 Truth gives for doubting the official story of 9/11

Number of “likes” on Facebook for 9/11 conspiracy group We Are Change

Sources: BBC News, 911truth.org, Skeptic Magazine