40 Years of the CN&R: How’d we get here?

An oral history of the Chico News & Review

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Don’t interject yourself in the story. It’s one of those journalism rules that editors are loathe to break. But to commemorate this 40th anniversary of the Chico News & Review, we’re breaking it. This is our story—an oral history—of putting out a community newspaper for 2,080 consecutive weeks, told by the people who were there—mainly the editors and writers who’ve been telling Chico’s stories, but also a few of the other cohorts in sales, design and management as well as some of the more high-profile subjects who’ve been covered.

It’s been a wild and sometimes bumpy ride, but we’re still here and you’re still with us. Independent local journalism, since 1977.

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Note: In many instances, responses were edited for space.