You should be getting it every day

We’ve got new blogs! Regular readers know that we’ve long used this space to give you a weekly taste of the Snog, our breaking news (and other curveballs) blog.

Well, now Snog’s got company. Starting this week, Kel Munger is launching Kel’s Hot Flash, Sacramento’s go-to source for gay news. You can also expect “regular rants about human-rights issues, funny crap that weird people do,” she says. “And pretty much anything that gets my attention when I’m in a mood, which is pretty much all the time.”

Kel will keep writing her regular books blog, Bibliolatry, so make sure not to miss her Mystery Monday feature there every week.

Also joining us in the Sactosphere will be our news editor and columnist R.V. Scheide, who’ll be bringing his warped and wicked humor and analysis to Bottom Feeder, an online companion to his weekly print column, Race to the Bottom.

Then, check out Green Building on a Budget, where Deborah Redmond and Jenn Kincaid reports on everything you never knew you wanted to know about green building—including regular updates on SN&R’s upcoming move to Del Paso Boulevard.

Finally, Snog isn’t going anywhere. So check it every day for local reporting and occasional interplanetary weirdness from yours truly.

Every week, we’ll spotlight some choice content from the SN&R blogs here, and you can go to for more.