You, Me and Dupree

Rated 1.0

Newlyweds Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson take in the husband’s best friend (Owen Wilson), who has lost his job and apartment and has nowhere to turn. He proceeds to turn their lives upside down, while Hudson’s possessive father (Michael Douglas) schemes to sabotage Dillon’s career and the couple’s marriage. According to the Internet Movie Database, writer Mike LeSieur has never written a screenplay before—and, as a matter of fact, his record is still clean. This is one of the worst scripts in the history of major-studio motion pictures: inconsistent, undeveloped, predictable, poorly thought-out—hopeless on every level. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo keep it moving, and the appealing stars (especially Wilson) give it their best shot, but it’s just good effort after bad; their vehicle is up on blocks.