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A modest proposal for re-branding your neighborhood

Like any legend, the origins of the Handle District are shrouded in mystery. It is believed that, in early 2007, one of Sacramento’s creative class strolled out onto the balcony of his loft, mojito in one hand and cigar in the other, and had a vision.

The outline of the Midtown streets from 15th to 19th, from Capitol to L, looked a little like the handle to Capitol Park’s pot. Or is it a meat cleaver? That’s not important, but that day a new urban identity was born.

Perhaps you haven’t visited the Handle, or used the phrase in sentence, as in, “Why don’t we head back to my crib in the Handle for some mojitos.” But you will. Because we at SLLUT know that hip, common-noun-based neighborhood brands, like the Handle, the Hinge and the Button, really evoke the sense of place that Sacramento’s urban pioneers demand.

And now you’ll know just where to look for all your unique, scene-making destination retail and upscale entertainment options. We hope you’ll enjoy the many other brands in our new campaign. Please remember, none of these neighborhood names are optional.