Yippee for Yogurtland

Illustration by Mark Stivers

Sacramento already has plenty of fro-yo places: Yogurtagogo, Mochii Yogurt and Yummy Yogurt Cafe, to name a few. In January, the city saw the addition of the Irvine, Calif.-based chain, Yogurtland (2381 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Suite 5). The company also plans to open nine more franchised locations in the Sacramento area in the next few years, according to a press release. This might be bad for other yogurt businesses, but not for customers. Prices at Yogurtland (currently 35 cents per ounce) are less than most of the other stores. Plus, it offers approximately a dozen flavors, which rotate regularly; copious fresh-fruit topping options; and a bright, ultramodern interior. With more Yogurtlands (and warm weather) on the way, local yogurt shops will need to step up their game to compete. Because stepping into Yogurtland is like entering another country—a cheap, new and delicious country. Visit www.yogurt-land.com for more information.