WTF is Music Fest?

Warning: shameless self-promotion of SN&R’s free outdoor festival this Saturday

Be there.

Be there.


SN&R Music Fest is this Saturday, June 27, at Cesar Chavez Plaza, 10th and J streets; 3 to 9 p.m., free; all ages;

Tell your sister you can’t make her wedding and your best friend that poker night is canceled, because if you miss SN&R Music Fest this Saturday, you’ll be tasting it for 364. And unlike your crappy poker night, Music Fest is free.

With a lineup including Agent Ribbons, Arden Park Roots, Sol Peligro and Sister Crayon, no corner of the Sacramento music scene will be spared. And make no mistake: This is not another run-of-the-mill, elitist, $10-bottled-water jubilee. The powers that be here at SN&R HQ have filled Cesar Chavez Plaza to the brim with the city’s most talented local artists, fashion designers, beer, slides—for God’s sake, there’s even a petting zoo. (Yes, but is it a human petting zoo?)

First, a stimulating word of advice to help prepare for an all-day, all-ages music festival: Red Bull, NoDoz, Pixy Stix. Stock up. With 14 killer bands and musicians on two stages, you’re going to want to stay awake.

DJ Shaun Slaughter, who will be working the crowd throughout the night, agreed. “It’s going to be an endurance test, that’s for sure. With people having fun outside and dancing all day, and then the party at Marilyn’s [on K] afterward, I bet I’ll be tired. But I’m definitely excited.

“I think I might even wear my M&M costume.” (You’ll have to ask if you want to pet him.)

The official SN&R Music Fest afterparty at Marilyn’s on K will immediately follow the festival and will feature the sweet sounds of Live Manikins, Citystate and DJ Whores—and for only $3.

For individuals with the attention span of a goldfish, don’t fret, because the short sets and musical diversity alone will be sure to keep even the most restless of minds begging for more. Clay Nutting, basically in charge of the entire event and all-around cool guy, had this to say about conceptualizing Music Fest:

“After putting our heads together, the [organizers] really just wanted to bring a lot of sights and sounds together, and an outdoor festival just seemed to make the most sense. SN&R wants to recognize local musicians for what they’re doing, but my philosophy is that the more people you can expose the music to, the more likely they’ll go see another show someday and support them down the road. And with 14 completely different bands, you’re bound to see something you like.”

Did he mention the beer garden?

Oh, and the 2009 Sammies winners will be announced at the festival by guest presenters and Sacto VIPs.

Anyway, if you find yourself needing a little downtime from chasing the kids around, head over to the Crush 29 cove, a wine-lounge area tucked away in the park, complete with cozy chairs and misters to refresh even the sweatiest of sweaters.

If getting wet isn’t your cup of tea, do the next best thing: Get others wet—for a good cause. The Sacred City Derby Girls will be out in full force, (wo)manning the dunk tanks, with all proceeds going toward the Sacramento Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

There will be vendors a-plenty doing what they do best: vendin’, of course. Many of the valley’s visionaries will be in attendance to display their works, including renowned Sacramento rock-poster artist Paul Imagine. Feeling crafty? The DIY masters of IndieSacramento will be on site teaching Craft University classes, which provide unique opportunities to not only learn a new skill in less time than watching an entire episode of Lost, but also a sweet souvenir to take home to your grandma. It’ll be sort of like one of those Above the Influence commercials, but instead of hitting the peace pipe, just tell her you were too busy dancing your ass off at Music Fest to feed her cats.

She’ll understand.