Women writers at work

Long-form journalism remains one of the most popular types of nonfiction. That might be an indicator that we don’t really mind reading if we get to decide when and where we’re going to take on a longer piece. The “usual” sources, such as The New Yorker, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone and, yes, even the alternative press regularly put out worthy long pieces of serious reporting. Lady Journos! is a Tumblr blog that fills the niche of great writing by women, adding a new story every other day or so. Recent pieces include Zan Romanoff revisiting the work of Joan Didion in “California Girls” (originally published in The Paris Review), Maria Hampton on youth in Britain (“Generation F*cked” from Adbusters), Paula Froelich on tourism in Iraq (“Down and Out in Baghdad” from Playboy). Its also featured SN&R’s Rachel Leibrock. Check out great new work by great working journalists who happen to be women.