Will the real Michael Pollan please speak up?Steve Cohn: Darrell made me do it

Turns out this Michael Pollan just writes about people food.

Turns out this Michael Pollan just writes about people food.

A reporter friend of mine sent me a message last week with an Amazon.com link to new book by author Michael Pollan. The new book is called Cat Treat Recipes: Homemade Cat Treats, Natural Cat Treats and How to Make Cat Treats (paperback, $12.95).

Funny, I hadn’t heard anything about a new book. But it got a really good review on Amazon from somebody named “Mike Wallace.” Hmm …

My friend was suspicious, too. She’s finishing up her master’s at UC Berkeley, where Pollan teaches journalism. So she e-mailed Pollan and he wrote back, saying he didn’t write any cat-treat book, but that apparently the book was selling.

No doubt. Pollan’s got a pretty enormous following, and you’ve got to figure some folks will snap up anything with man’s name on it—especially if they’re distracted cat ladies.

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City Councilman Steve Cohn has apparently pissed his fellow Democrats by supporting fellow Councilman Robbie Waters’ re-election campaign.

Waters, a Republican, is facing a challenge from two Democrats—Ryan Chin and Darrell Fong—both of whom have shot at knocking the four-term incumbent out of office.

It’s not just that Cohn endorsed Waters. It’s the reason Cohn gave for supporting Waters that might have him in trouble.

“I endorsed Robbie Waters this year for re-election after seeing [state Senate President Pro Tem] Darrell Steinberg do likewise,” Cohn explained in a written application requesting the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County.

Really, Steve? Darrell made you do it?

If you think Robbie Waters is doing an excellent job, or you like having him around for laughs, just say so, Steve. Don’t blame it on Darrell.

Besides, Steinberg never actually endorsed Robbie Waters at all. Steinberg told SN&R that he agreed to attend a Robbie Waters fundraiser back in October, but there was never any endorsement.

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