Who ya gonna call?

What’s a landlord desperate to rent or homeowner desperate to sell going to do when the property is still occupied—by the ghost of the former tenants? The first impulse—call Ghostbusters—may not work in sunny Florida. Red Light Properties, an online graphic novel from Dan Goldman (Shooting War and 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail) explores the dynamics (ectoplasmic and otherwise) of Jude Tobin’s life. He uses a fanny pack full of rare botanical hallucinogens to help him reach across the divide between life and death, then he convinces the dearly departed to move on—and move out of the house they’re haunting. His lovely wife (she’s considering divorce) has turned it into the ultimate property-cleaning business. The ensuing drama is complicated by their various employees, clients and former associates in the paranormal field. The entire first volume is available online at Tor.com (along with a lot of more traditional sci-fi/horror stories).