Wheels to reels

Pedal Hard

Pedal Hard owners Tomm Hoang (left) and Robert Johnston.

Pedal Hard owners Tomm Hoang (left) and Robert Johnston.


Catch Pedal Hard’s trick competition at the Bicycle Film Festival this Saturday, May 14, from 4 to 7 p.m. at Fremont Park in Midtown, P and 16th streets; no cover; all ages. Find out more about the festival, which starts on Thursday, May 12, and ends Saturday night, at www.bicyclefilmfestival.com/

At this weekend’s Bicycle Film Festival, downtown bike shop Pedal Hard will sponsor a trick competition in between films and other bike goodness. SN&R chatted with Tomm Hoang, one of the shop’s co-owners—and afterward Googled Macaframa and Quicksilver to rewatch some classic moments in two-wheeled cinema. Find out more about Pedal Hard, located at 1703 T Street, at www.pedal-hard.com.

Is Sacto really bike-thief capital, USA?

I don’t really think Sacramento is the bike-thief capital, but I wouldn’t leave my bike unattended, either.

I ask that because my bike was stolen. So I need a new bike, mostly to commute 3 miles on the bike trail and to use around the grid. What do you recommend?

I would probably recommend a single speed or fixed gear of some sort, because that’s our specialty. But I would ask you what style of bike you are fond of and then go from there.

You’re part of this weekend’s Bicycle Film Festival. What’s your favorite bike scene from a movie?

I don’t know if I have a favorite bike scene, but a couple sweet ones were in Quicksilver starring Kevin Bacon. That’s just a classic. And Keo Curry in Macaframa was pretty sweet. It’s just that no one does these track-specific tricks anymore. I can watch Keo do those spins a million times and I won’t get bored.

What bike do you ride mostly?

It would be my Leader 722TS. I ride it a lot because it’s the only bike I have.

Are you a fan of any pros?

I don’t have a favorite pro cyclist, but when I do watch any of the races, I would root for the home team, Team USA!

Where’s your ideal local ride?

My favorite ride is probably going down Freeport Boulevard and River Road and going through all the towns of Hood and Clarksburg. Rob and I used to ride that all the time and it was a blast. Now, all I ride is the American River trail to and from work a few times a week. I start somewhere around Sunrise [Boulevard] and end up on C and 20th [streets].

What’s the coolest thing about owning a bike shop?

The best part of my job is everything. I love the sales process of it, finding out what a customer wants, and being able to deliver what they thought up. I love meeting everyone that is in the industry, I love working with my friends, and I love all the challenges that come along with being a small business. It’s really exciting to be a part of a fast-growing industry and seeing what all the fixed-gear bikes have become.

The No. 1 lesson learned since you opened Pedal Hard last fall?

The most important thing we have learned since opening our doors is taking it one day at a time. We are a three-man operation. Tom Johnston, Robert Johnston and I were good friends before this whole Pedal Hard venture came about, so there were a lot of hurdles that came along, but we handled each challenge one by one.

What styles are popular?

Sacramentans are buying every kind of bike. Everything from road/track bikes to cruisers/tandems. Sacramento is becoming a pedal-bike-minded city. The fixed gear/track/freestyle started to become more popular in the last few years and will be a growing part of the bicycle community for many years to come.

How can Sacto become a better bike town?

Sacramento would be a better bike town if we had our own track to race bikes at! I know Dean Alleger is doing his best to get a velodrome out here. Keep up the good work, Dean!

What’s good?

Best thing about Sacramento is all the bike trails that are available. There are miles and miles of them. You can have your own Goonies adventure with a friend or two. Pretty fun.