What do Davis Jr. and Hagar have in common?

It’s almost fixing to get ready to be the end of the year. This, of course, means that many writers will be crossing those eyes and dotting those golf tees while burnishing, for posterity, their annual best-of lists. Said lists are, of course, the way we not so humble scribes remind you, dear reader, of our smug superiority—what, you didn’t hear that Icelandic operatic version of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court as arranged for accordion, hurdy gurdy, vodka bottle and barking dog that was making all the cooler indie-snob lists earlier this month?

Fortunately for you, part of my house burned down three months ago, the part where most of my CD collection was stored, including the above-mentioned Icelandic barking dog opera CD—along with both of my thrift-store accordions. So it’s been a bit traumatic, trying to sort through the important releases this past year, dutifully weighing the pluses and minuses of U2, the Strokes, Anton Barbeau and some very bad jokes, not to mention making sure that a November 2000 release didn’t get added inadvertently. No can do. Instead, I’ve caught myself putting on a new copy of Montrose’s self-titled 1973 Camaro-rock masterpiece, cranking the volume and letting the chips fall where they may; there’s something weirdly therapeutic about hearing Sammy Hagar singing “Rock the Nation” and “Bad Motor Scooter” at a volume that prompts the neighbors to call the sheriff.

Speaking of Sammy, while everyone else is getting ready to celebrate the end of this wonderful year we’ve all just experienced, here at SN&R headquarters, we’re making preparations for next year’s Sacramento Area Music Awards, better known as the SAMMIES. That’s right. A lot of hard work goes into this annual award ceremony, which will take place this year on the evening of Wednesday, March 27, at the Crest Theatre, and we’ve found that it’s probably better to start now rather than wait until the last minute to get those important details nailed down.

Which is to say that, if you’re a solo artist or you’re in a band that’s likely to be nominated, we’d like three things from you: A current photo or JPEG of same, an up-to-date bio, and your most recent CD so we can play a sample of your music when you walk onstage to accept your SAMMIE. (If you don’t have a proper release but you’ve done some recording, just burn us a few cuts on a CD-R.) You can send them to SN&R, 1015 20th St., Sacramento, CA 95814, attn: 2002 SAMMIES Archive.

Anyway, have a happy and reasonable new year, and remember that springtime—and, yep, the SAMMIES—are right around the corner.Scene & heard was reported by .