Welcome To Collinwood

Rated 3.0 This meandering remake of Mario Monicelli’s 1960 classic caper comedy Big Deal on Madonna Street is a sort of bungled, blue-collar Ocean’s Eleven set in Cleveland. Humiliating disaster dogs a group of misfits led by an amateur boxer as they painstakingly plan an apartment safe robbery. The ensuing, entertaining comedy of errors milks colorful crime colloquialisms, such as a Fellini (a dream heist) and a Mullinski (finding somebody willing to serve a prison sentence for a price), and a parade of oddball characters for a whimsical but ragged tale of misfortunate, romance and resilience. The amiable ensemble includes Sam Rockwell as a pugilist sidetracked by love, a gloriously deadpan William H. Macy (who totes around a baby boy for most of the movie), Michael Jeter, Isaiah Washington, Andrew Davoli and Luis Guzmán. The movie was written and directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo and has an amusing cameo of George Clooney.