Weed work wanted

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

Hi. I’m a 58-year-old man with a back injury that keeps me from working at my normal job in the food industry. I’m interested in finding work in the cannabis industry. I have used pot since 1975 and have grown it many times. How and where can I find employment? The online search yields very little, so any info that you can give to find work would be great. Anything, from trimming to [working as an] edible maker, or anything else. I have worked in retail food for 12 years, graduated from culinary school, and [have] about 20 years in the biz.


You are in luck, my friend. The recreational cannabis market is gonna be a boon to the state’s economy. Hell, just the medical cannabis industry employs more than 40,000 Californians. That number can be expected to double or even triple in the next few years. Buff up your resume and prepare to hit the virtual pavement, my friend.

Your best bet is the internet. Sites like www.420jobsboard.com, www.mycannajobs.com and www.420careers.com are good places to start. If you have never written a resume before (outlaws don’t ask for written recommendations), the website for the Cannabis Training Institute has a good refresher. Remember: Instead of “weed man,” say “Successfully ran a professional cannabis delivery service.” Have fun and good luck!

Is there any reason to save stems?

—@danbmyers (via Twitter)

Maybe if you are gonna make s’mores. Or perhaps a sort of tea-smoked duck breast, but with cannabis stems. Maybe a Trainwreck stem, or perhaps something with a minty feel, like a Chocolate Mint Cookies-Diesel cross. The stems would have to be fairly fresh though, so the terpenes are still strong in the wood. Mmmmmmm. Seriously though, the small stems from your bag can maybe help you clean your bowl if you can’t find a toothpick. Throw them on the compost pile. However, you can use the giant stalks to make cool walking sticks, or weird fence posts, or whatever. It is harvest season, so stalks are abundant right now. Hemp and marijuana stalks have many hempy qualities. Kinds like sweet corn and feed corn. Bred for different uses, that’s all. So, no. There is no reason to save stems. Good question.

Why do we need to renew our [doctor’s recommendaions] if it’s supposed to be legal next year?

—Jenixphur (via Twitter)

You don’t really have to. However, having a medical card gives you a few advantages over recreational users: Cannabis patients are allowed to carry up to 8 ounces. Recreational users are only allowed an ounce. Also, If you get a county-issued card (check your county’s website for info), you can purchase your medicine tax free. County cards are a little pricier than just getting a letter of recommendation, but if you purchase in bulk, you are probably going to save a few dollars.