Wedding Daze


Remember Jason Biggs? He starred in three American Pie films, capitalized on the franchise’s popularity with a handful of mercifully forgettable comedy vehicles and starred in one of the worst Woody Allen movies (Anything Else) before his career petered into oblivion. Sometimes you wonder if an otherwise decent actor is a victim of circumstance and bad scripts, but in the unreleased high-concept rom-com Wedding Daze, Biggs proves himself a textbook one-trick pony. He once again trots out the awkward-cute, dewy-eyed-dude shtick as Anderson, a grieving schlub who proposes to an unstable waitress (Isla Fisher, wasted here but still sporting the most lustrous hair in the business) he’s never met. Utterly predictable, intermittently amusing, toilet-level, straight-to-video shenanigans ensue.