Watch Life, Not TV

David West Presents: Kill Your TV Festival

Have you ever cut TV out of your life? Try going a year without mindless sitcoms or shallow, scripted drama, and see what happens. Chances are you’ll experience a boost in energy, creativity and that elusive creature we call free time. Scared to commit? CoolCat Gallery challenges you to start with one night away from the tube at the Kill Your TV festival, presented by David West. Graffiti artists Wes Rodriguez, Goren, P and others will create spontaneous works outside the gallery from 8 p.m. this Saturday. Partygoers can purchase the art later that night and enjoy a DJ’d dance party inside CoolCat. Art, music, community—it’s amazing what you can pack into the length of a few Seinfeld reruns. CoolCat Gallery is located at 918 24th Street, (916) 446-4430.