Wassup Rockers

First Look Pictures Releasing

Ten years after making the disaffected-teens-prowl-the-night drama Kids, Larry Clark switched coasts to make the disaffected-Hispanic-teens-prowl-the-night drama Wassup Rockers. This time, the kids are long-haired skater punks from the barrios of Los Angeles (“You’re like the Mexican Ramones!” exclaims one in a series of clueless white dudes; never mind that most of the kids are Guatemalan), but they’re just as sexually promiscuous as their New York predecessors. The “plot” follows the teens as they skate their way through Beverly Hills, never slowing down even as they inadvertently leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Clark’s detractors won’t find any reason to change their tune here, and even fans will be turned off by the godawful stabs at black comedy and the cast’s lack of chemistry.