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Subjects who viewed the contents of SN&R’s Best of Sacramento Unauthorized files have exhibited dramatic lifestyle changes. Almost immediately, they stopped wearing wristwatches and counting carbohydrates and saying things like, “I mustn’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning!”

Within days of exposure, subjects began savoring gourmet dinners in secret locations, patronizing obscure theater productions and plucking treasures out of Dumpsters. They planned cheap weddings, sunbathed nude and ditched Blockbuster in favor of regular visits to the public library. Invariably, they were the first ones in the pool—even when the pool did not belong to them.

After a lengthy observation trial, experts concluded that the Best of Sacramento Unauthorized files are scientifically proven to spur readers towards more interesting lives.

Of course, not everyone is ready to embrace a freewheeling and unauthorized existence. Consult a lawyer to find out if the Best of Sacramento Unauthorized issue is right for you.

To help you stay on the right side of the law, we’ve included a list of things you probably didn’t know were unauthorized in Sacramento. You’ll find those city codes in the “Breakin’ the Law” boxes throughout the issue. (If you happen to be carrying banana peels or live geese on your person, refer to these pages immediately.)

For your convenience, we’ve also marked the particularly potent—and potentially illegal—writers’ picks with our official “Unauthorized” stamp.

Go ahead and turn the page. You’ve been warned.

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