Want something to read?

Trying to find good reading on the Internet can lead to an entire afternoon spent browsing Battlestar Galactica fan fiction—OK, but not always the best use of limited time. Give Me Something to Read is a good-writing filter; it weeds out the waste of time and lists articles, essays and features that are noteworthy mostly because they’re worth your time, and they would be even if they weren’t available on the Web. Some selections are science-leaning, like “Do I love my wife?” by A.J. Jacobs (published online in Esquire, it’s a tour of neurological studies about emotion). Another goes inside the hazing culture (“Dirty Rush” by Snowden Wright, from The Good Men Project Magazine), while one from SN&R contributor Ted Cox is an undercover look at a “pray away the gay” camp (“What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp,” from Alternet). Bottom line: They do the work; we get to read.