Walk on the Moon, A

Rated 3.0 In the summer of 1969, a young housewife vacationing in the Catskills (Diane Lane) feels trapped in a marriage to her dependable but dull husband (Liev Schreiber) and strays into an affair with a free-spirited hippie (Viggo Mortensen). While Mom dallies in the woods, her adolescent daughter (Anna Paquin) dabbles in heavy petting and her mother-in-law (Tovah Feldshuh) uneasily watches the family begin to disintegrate. Pamela Gray’s script is an amiable slice-of-life soap opera, and she doesn’t overdo the domestic drama; the inevitable how-long-has-this-been-going-on scene between Lane and Schreiber is a gem of restrained naturalism. The film is enhanced considerably by director Tony Goldwyn’s handling of the excellent cast, and a more subtle than usual use of the obligatory oldies soundtrack.