Walk it off

Hell, even zombies can do it.

Hell, even zombies can do it.

Illustration By Darin Wood

What does it take to become a world champion of mall walking? We don’t yet know, as until now none have been officially recognized. But we do know that will change this Wednesday, June 21, at 8 a.m., when the Mall Walking World Championships debut at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights. And we know that if there is one sort of championship to which suburban Americans may claim a birthright, it is this.

Well, look, if it has to come down to a choice between fusing with the La-Z-Boy and cruising the mall, doesn’t the latter at least seem like the healthier option?

The event commemorates the 20th anniversary of Mercy Heart Institute’s Mall Walks program. Various prizes, for “Best Walking Form,” “Fan Favorite” and “Craziest Costume,” will include a pair of $1,000 shopping-spree gift certificates. Various walking accessories will be available also, in stores at the mall. Are you the champion? Visit www.gomallwalking.com for more information.