Wait, what’s that about chickens?!

Elf Orgy

Keith Lowell Jensen is Sacramento's hardest-working atheist comedian, warming the crowds for notable comics such as Robin Williams and Doug Stanhope, as well as touring the country for gigs and television appearances that include Lopez Tonight and Spike TV's Manswers.

Jensen also just released his third full-length comedy album, Elf Orgy. Recorded for Stand Up! Records, the 14-track album features hilarious bits such as “Chickens Are Dicks” or “I Have a Kid I'm Not Hitting.” Other topics include religion (of course), politics, same-sex marriage and even family, as Jensen pokes fun at himself as a father and husband. The $9.99 album will be available via iTunes and Amazon.com on Tuesday, February 19.

Its title, Elf Orgy, oddly enough stems from a childhood memory of Jensen's—the details of which he reveals unabashedly on the album. Trivia: Richard and Wendy Pini, creators of the comic and graphic-novel series Elfquest, painted the album cover depicting Jensen amid a bevy of wee elfin friends.

Of course, digital rarely compares to the real thing—Jensen headlines an album-release show on Sunday, February 24, at the Punch Line Comedy Club. The bill also features other Sacramento comedians including Johnny Taylor, Jaime Fernandez and Michael Patten. Sunday, February 24, at 7 p.m.; $15; Punch Line Comedy Club, 2100 Arden Way, Suite 225; www.facebook.com/kljfans.