DJs Jon Droll and Shaun Slaughter hide from the flier police.

DJs Jon Droll and Shaun Slaughter hide from the flier police.

You’ve seen the signs: “Vicious will steal your girlfriend.” “Dance ’til you drop … dead.” DJ Shaun Slaughter, the mastermind behind Old Ironsides’ popular dance club, Lipstick, has plastered the evil little slogans on telephone poles, utility boxes, store windows and street signs throughout Sacramento. It was the latter that won him a visit from the police. “I was warned of the repercussions of posting my Vicious posters across the city,” he admitted. “I think the last straw was posting my Vicious posters on some freeway signs—too far. But hey, it’s all in the name of good times, right?”

So, what kind of good times will a DJ risk a $400 fine to bring you? Slaughter and his cohort DJ Jon Droll plan to take “the preconceived cheesy dance scene and turn it on its ass” by spinning a mix of dance music that defies genre at a monthly event called Vicious. Saturday’s grand opening promises music by Peaches, Justin Timberlake, Fischerspooner, Soft Cell, Lil’ Kim, Donna Summer and anyone else who can keep the people on the floor.

Beyond the monthly dance club, Vicious is also a clothing line and a graphic-design label. Slaughter feels it’s only a matter of time before “Vicious is to Sacramento what Warhol’s Factory was to New York. Sort of an art-music collective—except I don’t wear a wig,” he added. “Maybe I should.”

Be where it’s at Saturday at 9 p.m. The DJs will give away CDs by Ladytron and the Chemical Brothers. Admission is $3 or $1 for people “dressed creatively.” The event is 21 and over. Vicious inhabits Old Ironsides at 1901 10th Street. Visit for info.