Various Artists

I’ve always hated pop-culture movies, which usually are preceded by a soundtrack of mediocre major-label alternative trash—acts that haven’t broken, nor ever will, always turn up in droves on these compilations. Orange County, on the other hand, is an exception. From Social Distortion to Cake, Pete Yorn to Creeper Lagoon, the disc succeeds in making a well-rounded, diverse accompaniment to perhaps the stupidest movie ever. If you can forget that Colin Hanks and Jack Black exist, you’ll find great aural pleasure with lesser-known acts like 12 Rods (“Glad That It’s Over”) or Phantom Planet (“California”). There are, however, a few stinkers—the Offspring’s tepid “Defy You”; the aptly named Bad Ronald’s “1st Time.” Not everyone can be perfect, but give someone credit for leaving off Fred Durst. (The first pressing includes a bonus CD of new Sony acts that can either be used as a coaster or a Frisbee.)