VAPE REVIEW: “Grow for Vets” Gorilla Glue cartridge

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Grow for Vets, a nonprofit organization that “calls attention to the million-plus veterans living with PTSD,” recently kicked off their national Save a Million Vets Tour. As part of the kickoff, Absolute Xtracts introduced a “Grow for Vets” line of vape cartridges, with $2 from every cartridge sold going to the nonprofit.

I sampled a 58.6 percent THC cartridge of Gorilla Glue ($32 retail), a hybrid strain that took first place at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014. The Absolute Xtracts vape pen didn’t hold a charge as well as others, but the Gorilla Glue was potent and relatively flavorful for an oil cartridge. Absolute Xtracts sources their cannabis from local and sustainably grown plants, making this a good product for a good cause.