Vampire Academy

Rated 2.0

A vampire princess (Lucy Fry) and her half-human bodyguard (Zoey Deutch) run away from the title school (officially, St. Vladimir's), but are brought back to continue their education in battling the evil half of the vampire race. Meanwhile, they face problems familiar to more normal high-school students—cliques, bullies, mean girls, etc. Based on the first of six novels (so far) by Richelle Mead, the movie is an effort to graft the teen eroticism of The Twilight Saga series onto a framework of ersatz Harry Potter, brimming with mumbo-jumbo folklore and glazed with a layer of snotty teen 'tude. Some midsize stars (Gabriel Byrne, Olga Kurylenko, Joely Richardson) bolster the pretty unknowns topping the cast, who need all the help they can get. Written and directed (awkwardly) by brothers Daniel and Mark Waters, respectively.