Under the Tuscan Sun

Rated 3.0 Diane Lane plays writer Frances Mayes, who bought and refurbished an old Italian villa after her divorce. Writer-director Audrey Wells fictionalizes Mayes’ memoir “for dramatic purposes,” but there’s not much drama here. That’s OK; we don’t go to movies like this for “drama” but rather to bask in gorgeous Italian scenery with appealing characters; a dash of romance (or at least a little sex); and one or two scenes of those legendary, mouth-watering Italian meals. Wells (aided by the immensely charming Lane) delivers: This is the kind of film in which the star, the scenery and the food share more or less equal billing. (The glorious, sun-soaked cinematography is by Geoffrey Simpson.) It’s a pleasant change of scenery with enjoyable companions and no unexpected surprises—just what we want in a good vacation.