Unaccompanied Minors

Rated 1.0

A group of kids, stranded in a snowbound airport on Christmas Eve, band together to elude the airport’s Scrooge-like chief of security (Lewis Black). Even as we’re still reeling from Deck the Halls and The Santa Clause 3, here comes another indigestible holiday turkey, with the standard mix of strident, unfunny comedy and shameless sentiment clumsily pawing at our heartstrings. Black fumes and mugs like a washout from the Ralph Kramden Look-Alike Contest, while the kids are a mix of the appealing (Gina Mantegna, daughter of Joe, and Tyler James Williams of TV’s Everybody Hates Chris), the mildly bland and the plain obnoxious. Director Paul Feig and writers Jacob Meszaros and Mya Stark reunite Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney—then give them almost nothing to do.