Rated 3.0

A garden snail (voice by Ryan Reynolds) gets a sudden infusion of nitrous oxide that makes him fast enough to pursue his lifelong dream of competing in the Indianapolis 500. Starting from a story idea so stupid that it's an insult to the intelligence of the average, well, snail, director David Soren and co-writers Darren Lemke and Robert D. Siegel ultimately redeem themselves with a clever production. It takes a while for the cleverness to get the upper hand, and meanwhile, we have time to reflect on the folly of DreamWorks Animation's dogged efforts to outdo Pixar—grafting Cars onto A Bug's Life—instead of finding stories and a style of their own. But by race time, the fun takes over, and it gets downright exciting—and, frankly, no more outlandish than the live action of the Fast and Furious movies.