Tues., March 05, Rad

The Press Club, 8 p.m., $8

With its fast tempos, complex guitar riffs and hardcore vocals, Sacramento's four-piece Rad—led by vocalist Lory Gil—is a band blatantly unapologetic for hitting audiences with a loud in-your-face thrash performance. Songs like “Cover Your Tits in the Pit” or “Never Turn Your Back (on a Mosh)” are reminiscent of '80s thrash at a time when metal and punk intertwined. The blasts heard from behind the kit, courtesy of Craig Hancock, paired with the ferocity of Charles Albright on guitar and Anthony Lew on bass make Rad, well, pretty damn rad. This show celebrates the 7-inch split release from punk rockers Rat Damage and Alarms. 2030 P Street, http://tinyurl.com/radfacebook.