Truly, deadly, delicious

Illustration by Mark Stivers

On menu: Last week, we talked new menu at Block Butcher Bar. Now, let’s talk about two more Midtown menu overhauls.

Formoli’s Bistro radically changed its lunch menu for the first time since, well, ever. The only remaining items are the stuffed dates and—don’t freak out—the whiskey burger. That means there are a whole lotta new dishes to try. I recently sampled a simple salad with perfectly seared salmon ($12); a fried chicken sandwich that surprises with a light tempura-beer batter ($10); and deadly, deadly braised lengua tacos ($9). Sometimes, the taco plate offers pork instead. But when it’s lengua—my goodness—you must.

There’s a new menu at Revolution Wines as well. Even though chef Rachel Kelley left the urban winery last year to help open up South, Revolution’s sous-turned-executive chef Theodore Gibanov had kept the menu roughly the same. Until now. On Instagram, Gibanov has been teasing some new additions: avocado and Halloumi bruschetta, patatas bravas, vegan sliders and an “American” BLT.

And over on Del Paso Boulevard, Cask & Barrel recently added a whole new menu for Sunday brunch. Exciting Southern-influenced offerings include pork belly and buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese ($8) and cornbread doughnuts with a maple cheesecake filling, bacon sugar and pecans ($8). The menu moves into surprising places too, though, like with foie gras french toast ($22) and a Scandinavian-inspired plate of potato pancakes, smoked sturgeon, pickled quail eggs and dill ($13).

On expansion: Temple Coffee opened its first Davis location on Saturday at 239 G Street. We expect aesthetically pleasing decor from Temple already, but the new outpost is exceedingly sleek and modern. Design alone probably isn’t enough for any Sacramentan to drive out to experience the new Temple, but new drinks? Perhaps. The Davis Temple offers Kyoto-style iced coffee, popularized in the United States by Blue Bottle Coffee. The slow-drip system looks like a science project—but super stylish—and typically creates a sweeter, stronger iced coffee. Also intriguing is the cascara iced tea, which is brewed with the fruit that initially surrounds the coffee bean, then served on nitro.

And for a last note, Sweet Dozen unveiled its long-alluded-to food cart last week. Find out more about times and locations at