Tron: Legacy

Rated 3.0

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the hero of 1982’s Tron, has been trapped on the Grid since 1989 as this sequel opens. Fortunately, he’s got a young adult son (Garrett Hedlund), a hunky slacker and anti-corporatist urban guerrilla, to explore Flynn’s arcade and find a way in to the Grid. He’s just in time to rescue dear ol’ Dad, and his protégé, a new cyber life form that just happens to be an incredibly hot woman with a penchant for wild driving (Olivia Wilde). The 3-D effects appear almost normal in the color-tech world of the Grid, but the digital effects used to create a young version of Bridges to play the cybervillain are flat-out creepy. Directed by Joseph Kosinski from a screenplay by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Tron: Legacy redefines formulaic, but it’s saved by Bridges’ Zen-like Flynn and a too-short and extremely fun appearance by Michael Sheen as a slimy cabaret owner.