Rated 2.0 Hong Kong director Corey Yuen (Lethal Weapon IV) unleashes a breathless action-adventure about a freelance European Mob driver (Snatch’s Jason Statham in ultra-cool mode) who is hunted by both police and criminal associates before turning the tables on both camps. The stunts and fights are exhilarating, but gaps in both action and plot frequently bring the film to a mind-boggling, screeching halt. Statham stars as Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative living in southern France, who drives flashy getaway cars and makes covert “package” deliveries. He breaks the cardinal underworld rule of never looking at his cargo and gets romantically involved with a kidnapped Chinese woman (Qi Shu) whose father is smuggling humans into France for slave labor. The script, co-written by The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita director Luc Besson, is a marvel of inane dialogue and cartoonish villains.