Towers of spending power

When it comes to wireless funds, not all council districts are created equal. Here’s a breakdown of what each district council member receives from leases paid by cell phone companies. As you can see, some districts become flush with the cash while others go without. (On the other hand, more cell phone tower money means putting up with more cell phone towers.) There is one important restriction on this money that does apply to other discretionary funds: City rules require council members to spend cell tower money in the immediate area of the cell tower. But “in the area” sometimes requires a little interpretation.

Also, in Sacramento’s council-centric political system, the mayor gets no wireless money, because the mayor has no district to clutter with cell phone towers.

Cell tower revenue

District 1: North Natomas, South Natomas, parts of downtown
Council member: Ray Tretheway
2008: $18,031
2009: $23,227

District 2: North Sacramento, Dixieanne,Del Paso Heights, Woodlake
Council member: Sandy Sheedy
2008: $49,121
2009: $102,042

District 3: Midtown, Arden Fair, East Sacramento, Cal Expo
Council member: Steve Cohn
2008: $25,359
2009: $57,117

District 4: Downtown, Southside Park, Land Park, Poverty Ridge
Council member: Rob Fong
2008: $91,673
2009: $51,131

District 5: Curtis Park, Oak Park, Hollywood Park, Colonial Heights
Council member: Lauren Hammond
2008: -$8,193 (includes an overpayment from the previous year)
2009: $71,051

District 6: Tahoe Park, Avondale/Glen Elder, Elmhurst, Fruitridge Manor
Council member: Kevin McCarty
2008: $52,146
2009: $37,288

District 7: Greenhaven, Meadowview, Pocket, Valley Hi
Council member: Robbie Waters
2008: $25,359
2009: $25,867

District 8: North Laguna, Meadowview, Delta Shores
Council member: Bonnie Pannell
2008: $48,840
2009: $51,032