Top ten reasons SN&R staff might actually be Nazis

After a certain cartoon about a certain touchy subject appeared in this paper three weeks ago, many people wrote in to instruct us on the finer points of hatred (see “SN&R’s cartoon controversy,” SN&R Essay, August 17). Once again, it would seem some of our readers (or, more likely, non-readers) have been labeling us. Now they say we’re all a bunch of socialists. National socialists! And just how are we supposed to respond to that? Perhaps the best course to take is full disclosure. OK. You’re right, letter writers. You caught us. Nazis. And now, before we smash you to dust, here are 10 reasons that it should have been obvious to your inferior minds all along.

1. Arresting red-white-and-black logo.

2. High incidence of Volkswagens in parking lot.

3. In the Mix review of “Cats that look like Hitler” Web site (page 69).

4. Staff members with German surnames.

5. Repeated references to “degenerate art” in culture pages.

6. President/CEO Jeff vonKaenel’s insistence that subordinates call him “Der Führer.”

7. Street teams affectionately described in inter-office memo as “SN&R Youth.”

8. Inclusion of jackboots in dress code.

9. Editors identified in masthead as “Ministers of Enlightenment.”

10. Riefenstahl movie night.