Top Speed

Rated 4.0 IMAX escorts us into the science and sensation of speed, and the human pursuits of dreams and excellence, in this exhilarating slice of infotainment. Host Tim Allen converses with mountain-biking champ Marla Streb, Le Mans race-car driver Lucas Luhr, high-performance-car designer Stephen Murkett and Olympic sprinter Marion Jones about the why, the how and the transcendental elements of pushing the envelope with regard to velocity. His visits with these human projectiles include in-your-face rides down a bobsled run on a bike; around curves at 175 miles per hour; and off-road, scrambling over treacherous terrain. The film is divided into three sections (body, mind and heart) that address the fitness, technique, ingenuity and inner demon of fear that accompany the high-speed dreams of conquests in such eye-popping locales as the Canadian and Colorado Rockies, with none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart providing the soaring and celestial soundtrack.