Look at the covers of any recent rock mags. The images and names will tell you that heavy music is in a very sorry state. What the world needs now is a band like Tomahawk to come along and scalp this pitiful wastepile. Versatile vocalist Mike Patton, ex-Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Dennison, ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier and ex-Cows/current Melvins bassist Kevin Rumanis form a sinewy lineup that doesn’t disappoint. “Flashback” starts things with a Lizard flavor: Dennison’s trademark driving riff propels the tune as Patton rants in Yow-ian fashion. By the majestic fourth track, “God Hates a Coward,” the band’s identity is established. Check out “Pop 1,” where Patton shouts, then whispers: “This beat could win me a Grammy.” Which couldn’t be further from the truth. But with repeated exposure to the savage, sarcastic lyrics and anti-everything music, you too will learn to say “Sir, Yes Sir.”