Thurs, June 11, Zuhg

Old Ironsides, 9 p.m., $6

If you like jam bands, locals Zuhg have a lot—and I mean a lot—going for them: Bot’s saxophone runs, which seduce like that whiff of reefer you catch every day walking down I Street; Matt Klee’s drum styling, which transcends backbeat and brings the kind of adrenaline you get while cycling down San Francisco’s hills; Justin Vance’s bass, thick and bouncy like a nice cut of … rib-eye steak. And Bryan Nichols, on the mic, grooves unobtrusively, never a jam killer, always bringing the crowd on board—which is not to say they weren’t in the first place. If you see Zuhg live, like this Thursday, you’ll discover they are pleasers through and through. 1901 10th Street.