Thurs., Jan. 31, Skratchpad Sacramento

Blue Lamp, 9 p.m., no cover

Skratchpad Sacramento is not for kittens. Or for fat dudes who have too much body hair and don't like to shower. It's for men and ladies who can't get enough of beats—hip-hop, electronic, trap, whatever—but don't have money to pay for cover charges (zero dollars gets you in here). And, it seems, most Sacramentans don't embrace paying for shows, so in theory, this night should be wall-to-wall packed with cheap-ass 916ers, right? Anyway, this first Skratchpad of 2013 features Sleeprockers, DJ Los, Luke ScratchRocker (pictured) and others. And, for amateur scratchers, hop on the decks for the “open table Q&A scratch sessions,” whatever that may be. Hmm. 1400 Alhambra Boulevard,