Thurs., April 25, Katchafire

Ace of Spades, 6:30 p.m., $18

Are you ready for a night of Kiwi reggae vibes? Katchafire is a solid all-Maori roots-reggae act from New Zealand that has been touring for the past 15 years. Originally a Bob Marley tribute band, Katchafire features the Bell brothers: frontman Logan and his brother Jordan on drums. Adding to the family affair is their dad Grenville, who plays guitar in the band. And if that's not islandy enough for you, Maoli—an up-and-coming act from Maui that infuses island-rhythms with R&B- and soul-inflected vocals—is also on the bill. Led by talented vocalist Glenn Awong, the group is coming on strong like a swell on the North Shore. 1417 R Street,