This will hurt

Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade, Volume 1

The narrator of Max Brooks' latest graphic novel is a vampire. Brooks, who hit universal name recognition with his books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, is sticking with what he knows in Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade, Volume 1 (Avatar Press, $19.99). Vampires have always known of the existence of what they call “subdead,” but the “outbreaks” were small and easily contained. Now, it's the zombie apocalypse, and the vampires are so entrenched in their way of life and so convinced that the zombies—who won't eat them—are irrelevant to them, they miss the obvious: Their food supply is disappearing. Raulo Caceres provides gloriously gory art, albeit with comic-book huge-breasted, wasp-waisted wet dreams instead of actual women. The Extinction Parade is an original melding of separate horror mythologies that takes advantage of a terrible truth about a global pandemic: It's going to hurt everyone.