The Wizard of Oz

Rated 3.0 There’s no place like home. Especially a brand-spanking-new home with all the trimmings, including an expansive stage, a sweet sound system, a fancy lobby, comfortable seats and plenty of bathrooms.

The Davis Musical Theatre Company (DMTC), once based in the old Varsity Theatre in downtown Davis, moved into its new 240-seat, 10,000-square-foot home on Pena Drive with a November production of Into the Woods. It’s an impressive facility for the 22-year-old musical-theater company, which is known for its family-oriented shows. Now those families have bathroom stalls galore, which makes for fast lines at intermission.

DMTC unveiled its just-installed carpets at the opening of its newest offering, The Wizard of Oz. This is the much-loved version with classic songs from the movie, including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead” and the endearingly performed “If I Only Had a Brain,” “If I Only Had a Heart” and “If I Only Had the Nerve.”

The leads were solid, most notably Alissa Steiner (Dorothy), Steve Isaacson (Cowardly Lion), Kevin Caravalho (Scarecrow), Clocky McDowell (Tinman), Jill Wright (Glinda) and Buffee Ann Gillihan (Wicked Witch).

They are supported by a large, less-seasoned yet earnest cast. There are more than 15 enthusiastic youngsters as munchkins and flying monkeys, and there are another dozen as dancers and backgrounders. The sets are minimal, but the costumes are creative and colorful, especially the vibrant munchkin attire. The live orchestra, well-intentioned but in need of tightening and fine-tuning, should be brought up from its hiding place below the stage.