The Wash

Rated 1.0 This sort of hip-hop version of 1976’s Car Wash makes its disco-era cousin look like neglected Oscar bait. George Wallace stars as an auto wash owner who is harassed by obscene phone calls and then nearly an hour into the picture gets kidnapped. Producers Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre turn the crude comedy into a vanity production as they nonchalantly play two wash employees who try to rescue their greedy boss to save their jobs. Dogg’s dope intake rivals that of guest star Tommy Chong’s exploits in Up in Smoke and Eminem as a disgruntled former rag wringer practices his profanity for his soon-to-be-made life story. This amateurish and boring dance around such issues as unemployment, sustenance wages and casual violence is written and directed by D.J. Pooh, who penned Friday.