The Virginity Hit

Rated 1.0

A teenage virgin (Matt Bennett) saves himself for two years for his girlfriend (Nicole Weaver), then dumps her for cheating, and at the urging of his nitwit best friend (Zack Pearlman), sets out to video-document losing his virginity. Writer-directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland give the Blair Witch treatment to a typical bonehead teen sex farce, and the result is perfect entertainment for audiences who thought The Hangover was too intellectual, the jokes too subtle. It’s an intentionally atrocious movie, wearing its atrociousness like a badge of honor, Botko and Gurland’s credentials as too-cool members of the Home Video Generation. They can laugh all the way to the bank at an audience even dumber than their characters—suckers who just shelled out 10 bucks to watch YouTube on the big screen.