The Unborn

Rated 1.0

When a young woman (Odette Yustman) is beset by disturbing dreams and hallucinations, she fears it may be a recurrence of the madness that drove her mother to suicide; as things turn out, it’s much worse, having to do with a twin brother who died in utero and a demon from Jewish folklore. Much worse is right; writer-director David S. Goyer’s script is a salad of creepshow clichés, full to overflowing with don’t-go-in-there cheap scares, jarring musical stings and murders of innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, Goyer is careful to include plenty of lascivious shots of Yustman in tight panties and undershirts to divert the hormonal boys in the audience. The cast includes, besides the usual hungry unknowns, several names who should have better things to do: Gary Oldman, Jane Alexander, Idris Elba, Carla Gugino.