The two mommys

LGBTQI gift ideas.

Holiday gift shopping for two moms can be a tricky business. We don’t mean your mom and stepmom; we’re talking lesbian parental units. Despite popular stereotypes, not all lesbians sport denim Oxford shirts, have mullets and hang large portraits of their four-legged friends above the mantel. Sure, those lesbians exist, but neither of your moms would be caught dead with a hairstyle described as “business in the front, party in the back.”

Take for instance your trim, feminine mom. Why the hell she ever got carnal with your fitness-freak of a father is beyond comprehension. Lucky for you, she didn’t come out of the closet until after you were conceived.

Confident and self-assured, she’s as snooty about her musical taste as your average Lipstick-attending indie kid. Mention Melissa Etheridge or the Indigo Girls in her presence and she’ll shoot you the eye. Instead, get her a copy of The Con ($13 regular, $21 special edition; The Beat, 1700 J Street, (916) 446-4402) the latest album from the lesbian indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara. Or pick up a copy of local singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe’s Mistake in Parting ($10, The Beat) a moody indie-folk album with hauntingly beautiful vocals.

An outdoor enthusiast, she’s been known to frequent Adventure Out Women (, a locally founded networking site highlighting recreational activities in California. With a gift certificate to Fleet Feet Outdoor for Women (2315 J Street, (916) 442-5889), your mom can pick out the active gear of her choice. Looking to spend more? Get her a membership to the gay-owned-and-operated Urban Fitness & Wellness Center, (2525 J Street, (916) 492-2525).

As for your other mom, she’s been out of the closet since she “played doctor” with her best friend Sally in the third grade. OK, so outwardly she may fit the “butch” stereotype—no makeup, masculine attire—but she certainly isn’t a man hater. She’s just happens to have met the perfect woman.

At any rate, she’s been known to spend big bucks to make sure her coif is just right. Consider getting her a gift certificate to Spanish Fly Hair Garage (1723 J Street, (916) 444-1fly), voted best hair salon by SN&R readers. Your mom’s faux hawk wouldn’t be what it is without her Sumowax by Bumble and bumble ($24.78, Spanish Fly Hair Garage).

Afraid a gift certificate screams “last-minute gift giver”? Pick up something more personal from Haus by David Randall (2512 J Street, (916)-448-4100). The upscale boutique offers a large selection of home décor items, and you know how lesbians like to nest.

Speaking of your moms’ blissful cohabitation, you might consider a joint gift, like a subscription to Jane and Jane magazine ($29.95 for two years, or $19.95 for one year; Self-described as the “first sophisticated magazine created specifically for lesbian lifestyle,” the bi-monthly publication features interviews with noteworthy locals, travel advice and relationship tips.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, book your moms a weekend stay at the gay-owned Inn at Parkside ($170-$340 per night, 2116 Sixth Street, (800) 995-7275, The luxurious bed and breakfast offers the perfect respite from the stressful work week. Your mothers will love you.