The To Do List

Rated 1.0

Fresh out of high school, an uptight brainiac (Aubrey Plaza) makes a list of the sexual exploits she intends to get out of the way before college. Writer-director Maggie Carey indulges the dubious ambition of making a sex comedy for girls just as crude and dimwitted as the boy-themed comedies that have blighted screens for decades. But her timing's bad—by having her heroine spend the summer working at a public pool, she invites comparison to The Way Way Back, which has all the humor, truth and insight her own raunch fest lacks. As for Plaza, she can't make her character even slightly likeable, but it's doubtful if anybody could pull it off; this girl is a dreary little drip at best, a nasty schemer at worst (which is most of the time). A parade of 20-something “teenagers” lends feeble support.