The Sweetest Thing

Rated 1.0 A commitment-phobic, bar-hopping San Francisco good-time gal (Cameron Diaz) meets a man who may be Mr. Right (Thomas Jane) and not just Mr. Right Now; on a whim, she and a pal (Christina Applegate) decide to track him to his brother’s wedding in Northern California. Did somebody really think that women deserved a Tomcats, a Whipped, a Freddy Got Fingered of their own? Written by Nancy M. Pimental and directed (if that’s the word) by Roger Kumble (rhymes, no doubt, with “bumble”), the film is a coarse and stupid gross-out. It is, however, an accomplishment of sorts: Pimental and Kumble manage to make both Diaz and Applegate—actresses of no small comic gifts—painful to watch. As a third gal-pal, Selma Blair (who looks like Kirstie Alley’s kid sister) has even more embarrassing things to do.